Good Bye, November. Hello, December.

It seems the time between these recap posts gets shorter every month. It's December tomorrow, and I feel like I didn't even have a proper November. Even so, I am very excited for December. Maybe it's the snow. Maybe it's the anticipation of the holiday season. But, during December, it's like the world slows down just enough for us to live presently and soak up every moment. There's something ethereal and lovely about it.

November Recap

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I feel like so much as happened this month that I don't know where to start this recap. So, let's start at the beginning.

Month of the Networking

In my world, November 2016 will be known as the Month of the Networking. Between the networking lunches, social media breakfasts and collaboration coffees, I have met so many incredible people this month. So, look for some more stuff happening on the blog and in the business. Lots of sprouts.

Pasta and Oreos

Last week, the lovely ladies at Brookline Public Relations invited Kaitlin and me to the opening of The Old Spaghetti Factory and Brown's Socialhouse in Marlborough Mall. Let's sum it up here: two restaurants, two meals, two very happy girls.

We whet our appetites at The Old Spaghetti Factory where we were treated to a delicious sampling (and by sampling I mean nearly the entire menu) of their food. It was cheese, pasta, cheese, butter, spumoni. It was absolutely heaven. And if you have ever eaten at this restaurant, you know how good it is. My favorite part of this experience: they don't try too hard. They make good food, paired with excellent service and a homey atmosphere. And it feels effortless. It's simple, delicious and comfortable.

We moved over to Brown's Socialhouse where we enjoyed dry ribs, flatbreads, shrimp (I had some, I promise!) and the most decadent Oreo dessert I have ever had. It was a Oreo-crust cheesecake with whipped cream and an oreo stuffed in there. Again, heavenly.

On top of all that, I got to see some of my lovely food blogger friends again!

So thank you to Brookline for inviting us and to The Old Spaghetti Factory and Brown's Socialhouse for hosting our bunch and feeding us amazing food. And if you guys are in the area, I highly recommend go checking both places out!

Gilmore Girls

Oh yes, I'm including this in my recap. Six hours of, well, you can decide for yourself what you think of the revival. (It's Logan's, right? RIGHT?) But, we grabbed our popcorn and coffee and watched all four episodes. A Saturday well spent.


In case you haven't heard, last Saturday, I turned 25! It was such a lovely day. It started with coffee at Luke's Drug Mart, which of course was inspired by the Gilmore Girls revival. And we are cheezy like that. Then, we made bacon and gouda crepes. Following brunch, we grabbed blankets, more coffee and planted our butts on the couch and watched the new Gilmore Girls straight through. We finished off the day at Model Milk, drinking delicious Manhattans, eating succulent wagyu and watching the chef prepare the evening's orders. And cheddar-crusted apple pie. As you do. It was the absolute perfect way to ring in 25.

(And, if a restaurant asks if bar service is okay, take it. It was so much fun watching the kitchen preparing our meals.)

November Best Of

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Without a doubt, the best post this month was my Dear Twenty-Five letter to myself. I was reading some your comments on Instagram and Facebook, and I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback. This was one of the most vulnerable, raw posts I've written and I am absolutely floored by the support it received. So, thank YOU all for leaving your comments, sending text messages and supporting in person. I felt so loved and encouraged. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read it here.

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Hello December


I'm hoping to have an easier December this year. But, I will still be blogging! I've got a holiday gift guide coming up, featuring some of my favorite, local gift ideas. You will also be able to find this on I've also got some recipes cooked up for you guys, including a collaboration with a couple of my favorite ladies, holiday-inspired dessert and some hearty comfort food. I will also be taking some time off to celebrate Christmas with my lovely family.

I hope you all have a wonderful December!

xo _ britt