My Favorite Things: Adorn Boutique Pt. II


I can't visit Inglewood without exploring my favorite little shop, Adorn Boutique. One of my favorite things about supporting local businesses is that you're helping out a person, couple or family pay their mortgage, afford after-school sports for their kids and support community initiatives. And Adorn is no different. I love Adorn Boutique for the style they curate. It's classic with a modern twist and a dash of feminine. It's comfortable, functional and pretty. And more than that: everything is high quality. This means I can buy less, spend the same amount of money, and my pieces will last much longer.

I will admit this: I have an internal battle every time I shop at higher end boutiques. The cost of goods is high. The Dutch kid in me is thinking, "Nope. Go to the mall." I never used to step foot in places like Adorn because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford the clothes. But as I learned more about the fashion industry and grew more frustrated with the lack of quality my clothes had, I had to think: what is the price of quantity over quality?

adorn boutique

Over the last couple of years, I have moved from fast fashion (trendy, inexpensive items that are worn for one season, one occasion or tossed out) to slow fashion. And I'm not the only one. Since 2005, clothing quality has decreased substantially, despite the rise in consumption among Americans. Companies like Everlane focus on manufacturing high-quality staple pieces like t-shirts and button downs that are made ethically and sustainably. I enjoy seeing this shift, especially in Calgary. It makes me excited to support local, sustainable businessess. In turn, this really helps the local economy.

Adorn Boutique is one of those shops that, for me, embody the "quality over quantity" philosophy. So here are a few of my favorite things from my recent visit.

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Gentlefawn Everyday Tee

I love this t-shirt. Not only is it the most comfortable shirt I own, but it is also functional and versatile. I wear this top with a skirt and blazer perfect for the office. For the weekend, I swap out the skirt and blazer for jeans and cardigan. It washes well, lightweight and moveable. I've paired mine here with a pair of jeans, beige scarf, moto jacket and my signature "Be Free" necklace from NG.

Find it: GentleFawn

adorn boutiqueadorn boutique

Yerse "The Beauty Surrounds" Sweater

This sweater is the PERFECT fall sweater. Its warm army green color and extra fine wool make it the perfect accessory for fireplace evenings with a movie and a cup of tea. For those chilly-in-the-morning-warm-in-the-afternoon Canadian days, I pair mine with some sneakers and black pants. There's plenty of embellishment on the sweater's pattern, so I keep accessories minimal, usually a black watch or gold bracelets.

Find it: Yerse

adorn boutiqueadorn boutique

NOA NOA Feather Print Silk Skirt

Does anything feel better than silk? Cashmere maybe. This piece is so silky soft; you'll never want to take it off. It is a very versatile piece. I'll wear it in the office with some black heels and a sweater. In the fall, I add some tights and black booties. In the summer, I throw on my white Keds and a lightweight t-shirt.

Find it: Adorn Boutique

adorn boutiqueadorn boutique

What is your favorite slow fashion retailer?

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