Cool and Refreshing Salads For Summer


When the weather heats up, I like to keep meals cool and refreshing. So I'll eat salads upon salads upon salads. Oh salads, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Seriously though, as much as I love pizza, I dig a good salad. They are healthy (save for some dressings), so versatile, easy to prepare and always delicious. Okay, well not always. Kale is not delicious. Never.

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite summer salads that will beat the heat, fill you up, hydrate your cells and make you feel fabulous! Here we go.

Fruit Quinoa Salad

cool and refreshing salad

This is my literal favorite salad right now. It is perfect for the summer, especially in Calgary. Because it's berry season right now! This salad is chock full of blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. So you're getting a good dose of antioxidants, which fight the cell damage caused by free radicals. The quinoa adds some protein. And the basil vinaigrette balances out the sweetness of the fruit.

Recipe: The Recipe Critic 

Greek Orzo Salad

cool and refreshing salads

Pasta AND salad? YES! I love a good Greek salad. From tomatoes to the cucumbers to the feta, there is nothing but health, nutrition and refreshment in this salad. You can take it to a true Greek salad level and add red onions and olives. The orzo is the perfect pasta for this salad. It's small in size and blends well with the rest of the salad. Tomatoes and cucumbers are super hydrating as well.

Recipe: The Pioneer Woman

Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl

cool and refreshing salads

Two things about this salad: it's more of a huge bowl of everything to be considered a salad, and there is kale involved. There's enough of the other ingredients (and if you cut the kale small enough) to mask the taste and texture of the kale. That said, here are all the great things that kale can do. And sweet potatoes are killer for your health, too. And there is so much food in this salad that you'll be full for days!

Recipe: The Minimalist Baker 

Fruit Salsa

fruit salsa

Okay, so again, not really a salad. But I have to include it because it is SO good! The tart of the apple and the sweetness of the raspberries and strawberries. But you can read all about it my love for this blog post!

Recipe: Bourbon & Honey

What are your favorite salads for summer? Comment below, tweet at me or tag me on your favorite salad photo on Instagram!

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