Top 5 Coffee Shops in Calgary


Confession: I LOVE coffee! It's more of an admission than a confession, but coffee is right up there with Words of Affirmation in terms of love languages.

Some days (Okay, most days. Okay, everyday.), there is simply nothing better than curling up with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee with your favorite companion (human or non) and catching up on life.

Nothing shows love more than showing up to my office or home with an americano with a splash of cream from one of these five cafes in Calgary.

Phil & Sebastien Coffee Roasters

It's either because these guys have engineered the perfect espresso shot or I live five minutes from one, but I have gone through double digit rounds of their loyalty cards. You can get your coffee fix in any of these four locations: Marda Loop, Chinook Mall, Simmons Building, or Mission. Each location has a signature style, but the familiar brew is what tops this list.

Fratello Coffee Roasters (aka Analog)

When I can't get to a P&S, Analog on 17th Avenue is a wonderful choice. I spend more than my fair share of time on 17th Ave, and my adventures are always powered by the smooth shots, pulled beautifully by the experienced baristas.

Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar

I love Inglewood for many reasons. The neighborhood boasts some of the best restaurants in the city, like The Nash Offcut Bar; best summer festivals; and interesting shops, like Adorn Boutique and Silk Road Spice Merchant. The coffee you'll find in this quaint part of the city is on point, too. You can enjoy your java with a side of live jams or grab a cup and stroll the streets. You won't be disappointed.

Oh, and Gravity uses Phil & Sebastien coffee, too. Win!

Monogram Co.

I first found out of Monogram on a trip to Crave Cupcakes in Kensington. After finding out that their cafe is located a seven minute drive away from my house, how could I not try their americano. The coffee packs a punch that is as unique as the minimalist, earthy cafe itself. If you find yourself in Altadore (or Crave Cupcakes), give these guys a shot.

Higher Ground Cafe

Finding a spot to sit at Higher Ground Cafe in Kensington feels like the Hunger Games sometimes. I have never been here when it hasn't been busy. Their signature lattes are interesting, diverse and delicious. If you need a shot of something sweet, try the Calypso or the Snowdragon. If you aren't feeling the coffee, try the lavender herbal tea.

Where do you like to get your coffee fix?

Now go forth and get caffeinated.

XO | britt