Skoah Glowah


I rarely take the time to pamper myself with facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, or hairstyles despite the pile of research out there to suggest that taking care of yourself is good for your well-being. However, every once in a while, I take some time out of my schedule to enjoy some of these finer things.

I was given a gift certificate to Skoah for $50 off a facial a few weeks ago. I booked a power facial. After filling out my “skin gym” profile and perusing the products, the esthetician was ready for me and I was ready to get my glow on.


Ater a skin consultation, we started with a warm up, as you do when you workout. Something nice and soft to get my face ready for the power punching masks.

After the warm up, she applied a mask that had a wonderful tingling sensation. The power came from the alpha hydroxy acid, made from grapes and apples (holla!) and contains plant extracts and sea kelp algae for hydration. This mask works wonders for those – like me – who react to scrubs.


We cooled down with a massage and moisturizer.

All in, the facial took 45 minutes – I was back to work in no time. I felt fantastic.

We work out our bodies, our hearts and our minds, but let’s not neglect to work out our skin.

If you want a glow on the go, check out Skoah in your area.