10 Road Trip Essentials


Ah, road trips. Before my parents discovered cruise vacations and all-inclusive resorts, we used to camp all the time. And camping meant road trips. Because we never camped in Alberta, mom made sure to bring enough pillows and snacks to weather the drive to B.C. Road trips were a part of my childhood, as they were probably part of yours, too. And I think it is safe to say that it is officially road trip season. With the long hours on the road, countless potty breaks and numerous diner dinners, there are things that you should take with you on every road trip. Obviously, you're going to want to take all the appropriate documents such as driver's licence, insurance, registration, any travel documents you need (passports, hotel confirmation, etc). In addition to those, here are 10 road trip essentials to take on your next adventure.


Obviously. I like to keep things healthy(ish) when I'm on the road, so I pack easily snackable and non-messy foods like carrots, grapes and few of my favorite snack bars, such as Larabar.


Whether you are travelling alone or with people, there will be long stretches of time where there is silence. If you don't have Spotify already, I suggest that you sign up, make a few different playlists, ensure that they are available offline and you'll have enough music to get you to your destination, and have a little karaoke fun along the way.

Blankets and Pillows

Sitting in a car for hours gets uncomfortable, so bring along a few blankets and pillows to make the road trip just a little bit more comfortable, especially for those people who can somehow sleep in a car. (I can't - unless I'm really, really tired.)

Spare Keys

This happened to me once, not on a road trip, but outside the university where I was studying. But having a set of spare keys will save you a little heartache, headache and bank account ache if you find yourself locked out of your car or you lose your keys somewhere along the way.


Bring along a map, GPS or use Google Maps. Whether you have a planned route or are just winging it, having a map or something to guide you will help you avoid any serious delays if you get lost or caught in traffic.

Toilet Paper

Cause you CANNOT trust those rest stop bathrooms! And if you can't make it to a rest stop and you have to go, having your own toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes will save your butt. Literally.


You are going to want to bring a camera with you to capture all the fun moments along the way: the perfect sunset, or the world's largest egg or any of the fun, crazy moments in the car. Be sure to bring your charger, back-up battery and extra memory cards.


Road trips are great time to catch up on that New Year's Resolution reading list. Bring along a few books to read on the way. Check out this blog post on leadership books to read this year, or if classics are more your thing, this post has got you covered.


Coffee will only get you so far... Pack plenty of water to keep you hydrated, awake and refreshed while driving.

First-Aid Kit

Cuts and scrapes are inevitable. You'll be prepared to take care of minor issues by having a first aid stocked. Here is a handy checklist to make you bring along a complete first-aid kit: Canadian Red Cross First-Aid Kit Checklist

There you have it - 10 road trip essentials. What else would you add to this list?

XO _ britt