5 Books About Leadership to Read This Year


I am declaring 2016 The Year of the Book. I became so inspired after working my way through my "Five Classics to Read in 2016" list that I wanted to read all the books. And, this is how I will do it.

Starting with the classics (which I realized afterwards that some of those books were NOT classics, but whatever), I have created a list of categories of books to read. Each category contains a list of five books. When every book on that particular list is read, I will post the next list. The goal is to read 60 books by the end of this year. Which is a lot. But dream big, right?

So, I'm on the fourth book in the classics series, The Bell Jar. The Count of Monte Cristo hasn't been delivered to my library yet, so that one will have to wait.

However, I have a couple books on business that I need to read. Thus, this list.

Ready? Here we go!

Five Leadership Books to Read in 2016

1. Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't

Simon Sinek uses stories from government, manufacturing, military and many industries to illustrate a key leadership principle: leaders eat last. Effective leaders build trust and cooperation within the team and inspire the Circle of Safety. This circle leads to strong, stable teams dedicated to the cause of the organization.

2. Start with Why

Another gem from Simon Sinek, this book teaches leaders to motivate and inspire others to act, to fulfill a sense of purpose or belonging. Leaders create a place where people are happy to come to work. Happy workers are productive and creative workers. This creates a thriving and successful organization.

3. Corporate Awesome Sauce

As a Millennial, I am excited to read this one. It covers 12 techniques to help Millennials find success in a world where the corporate landscape is constantly changing with globalization, digital markets and focus on culture.

4. People Over Profit

As a believer in the people-planet-profit philosophy, I can't wait to read this. Dale Partridge talks about how successful organizations put their people before their profit margins, operating with honesty, transparency and authenticity.

5. Tribes

People are hungry for connection, purpose and fulfillment. Seth Godin argues that everyone has the opportunity to bring together like-minded people to do amazing things. Whether it's building a business or inspiring change, this book promises to help people find their tribe and accomplish great things.

XO _ britt