Why Self-Care is Good For Business


As a creative entrepreneur or small business owner, taking the time to rest can be challenging. I understand what it's like to think you have to work 12-14 hours every day because your to-do isn't finished or this project can use some polishing. However, I have learned this year that your to-do list will never be complete. Your projects will never be perfect. Continuing to work yourself at that pace only leads to burnout, resentment and even lack of business success.

I know this because I've been there before. Quite a few times. It wasn't the late nights or early mornings. It was the overwhelm of trying to do it all and not taking any time for myself. So I had to start a self-care routine.

Self-care is not just good for your health. It's good for business. So to learn more about this connection, I went to the expert in this area. Amber Romaniuk is a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, who has been running her business, Amber Approved Inc. for four years now. She is the expert on self-care in health and business. Amber shares five reasons why self-care is good for business (i.e. more and better business) and how you can incorporate more self-care into your daily life.

Amber's Story

My self-care looks completely different now than it did when I started my business. As I reflect back starting Amber Approved I was so motivated and driven to get my business going that my self-care and body took the back burner. I wanted to challenge all the people who said I couldn't make a successful business out of holistic nutrition and prove them wrong. I wanted to challenge the odds that I could be self-sufficient in 1.5 years versus the industry standard of 5.
And I did it, but I also didn't sleep much, I didn't take breaks during the evenings or weekends and I already had adrenal fatigue and other hormone imbalances going in. The lack of relaxation fuelled my hormone imbalances and made me even more exhausted. I thought I had to say yes to everything and take little rest to get ahead. While I appreciate all I learned from this, it was when I decided this way of living wasn't serving me in any way I changed. I stopped working weekends, started saying no to opportunities that didn't align with me and started to take more time for me. After doing this for a few months my hormones started to balance, my energy started to improve and I felt more in my power than ever. The analogy of work smarter, not harder was showing proof of working, and that's still how I am and will be moving forward.
I am thankful to have healed my body and now want to protect her at all costs. I bring health and well-being of her consideration with every decision I make because staying healthy is key for every area of my life. And then I can show up fully to support my clients as well. This has been so key. The more I listen and honor, the more I manifest abundance and beautiful opportunities. The less I listen and exhaust her the more lack I would attract. I'd rather attract the abundant.

Stay Energized

A lack of self-care will directly impact your energy. When you have low energy, you can’t show up fully in life, let alone in business. It can make you resent your business because you are tired because you’ve been taking on too much. We may also lose confidence in ourselves which directly impacts business.

Say No

When we say yes to everything in our business and overwhelm our schedule, we will get stressed, adrenal fatigue, tired, and potentially start to gain weight because our body is not resting and we aren’t giving her/him what they need. Then we again start to resent our business that we love so much.

Be Confident

We are confident when we take care of ourselves. We have energy, we feel good in our bodies, we are rested and excited to take on the world. When we are confident, we are also open to more abundance and more amazing opportunities.

Share Joy

When we love our body, and are happy with our physical image, we radiate that out to the world and it is like a magnet attracting people. Practicing being kind and gentle is important to build and healthy and loving relationship with ourselves. When we are kind and gentle, we have a positive relationship with ourselves that radiates out confidence and makes people think “I want some of that.”

Set Boundaries

Knowing our self-worth and knowing we have to protect it. When we know we are worthy for abundance, success and health, we take the actions to protect it. We say no when we don’t want to do something and know our limits with scheduling because we know how valuable our time, energy and health are. We want to protect those things, and honoring our word with saying no and setting healthy boundaries is key to a high self-worth.

3 tips to improve your self-care in business

  1. Block time off every day in your schedule for you. Stretching, water break, lunch break, it’s important to have you time through your day to support your health and well-being.
  2. Take time off to rest your body and mind. This is important for energy balance, optimal hormone levels and your sanity. You are worthy of time off.
  3. Be prepared with your food. I know how busy life can be with a booked schedule. I think it's important to be prepared with healthy meals and snacks to fuel you through the day to ensure you have the energy and are nourishing your body with things that make you feel good. Again the better we feel, the more we attract more abundance, business and positive into our lives.

About Amber

Amber is a Leading Food Expert, Holistic Nutritional Consultant and creator of Amber Approved based in Calgary, Alberta. She hosts a weekly podcast, The No Sugarcoating Podcast, where she provides the honest truth about what your body really needs. She is also the host of her T.V. show, Fresh Health which airs on Shaw TV Calgary. Amber also produces a quarterly healthy lifestyle magazine, full of healthy lifestyle tips and recipes. Get connected with her below.

Website: www.amberapproved.ca

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