Feature Friday: Calgary Cinematheque Society


This feature is a little bit about a piece of Calgary's film culture and a little bit about the woman behind it. So read on to learn a little bit more about Stacey Perlin, her passion for Calgary's rich arts and culture scene and where you can grab your next cinema fix.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your work. Where are you from? What do you do?

This is such a thrill, thank you for allowing me to contribute! I am a Marketing & Event Planning Freelance Professional, with a background in film/television production blended with education/experience in communications and event management. My main role is Communications and Programming Coordinator for Calgary Cinematheque Society http://calgarycinema.org. Otherwise, my contracts range from special events, launches, and short form media productions.

I graduated with a Degree in Communications from University of Calgary and Diploma in Film/Television Production from SAIT. Now into my 30's, I have worked on hundreds of commercials, films, and media projects, served 15 film festivals and film-related organizations at the local, national, and international level as a volunteer and staff member, as well as started (then sold) my own online magazine and an Alberta chapter of Raindance to promote local film culture. These days I prefer to support others, as I am learning how to have a life...sorta.

calgary cinematheque society

What inspires you to do what you do? How did you start doing this work?

I was raised on planes, trains, and automobiles as my parents simply LOVE to explore the world at large. Whether it was an excuse to visit members from either side of the family or simply get out and see the world, we were always moving. While travelling, I would read local folklore books and while we were never really allowed to watch TV, we’d watch movies and music videos wherever we were staying. I loved us experience films as a family - not surprisingly, I had the desire to create those situations for others.

My idea at 16 years old, was to get into film production, as I saw it as a universal medium. Everyone watches and makes movies. So no matter where I ended up in life, I’d always have work in a creative industry. And so I interned for a local producer and started pulling cables on set!

 What inspires you most about your community?

What inspires me most are the people that keep things running every day. The professionals and owners who through integrity, passion and persistence, have found the answers they need to better the community for everyone and aren’t afraid to do the work to make it happen. Often, they’re the un-sung heroes, as they’re too busy working to take notice! Just working alongside and with those people inspires me to do better every day.

If you could give anyone who is starting out in your field one piece of advice, what would it be?

Being a freelancer, it is critical to your ongoing success to validate your role in the community and work as a professional. I like to say, “be a triple threat”, as you need to own your work and your brand. It’s easiest to establish these three roles for yourself throughout the year:

  • a community player (Join a longer-term group as a “doer” that meets regularly that compliments your business)
  • a community leader (Join a short-term project as a mentor or coach),
  • and as a community professional (Join a professional organization that reflects your industry).

You can combine these, such as coaching for a short-term project put on by your professional organization. The possibilities are endless! Keep them interesting to yourself so it’s easy to show people how much you care.

Tell me three fun facts about yourself or your organization.

  1. Our 10th Anniversary Screening happens March 30, 2017, we have been promoting significant cinema since 2006!
  2. Our board includes Calgary Film Industry leaders and influencers, and our Contemporary World Cinema Series focuses on bringing the next “big thing” to Calgary audiences before they even hit the theaters.
  3. Our season runs September 2016 - March 2017, with weekly screenings on Thursday evenings so you can always get your critical cinema fix!

How can people get in touch?

Website: www.calgarycinema.org

Twitter: @calgarycinema

Facebook: Calgary Cinema

Instagram: @calgarycinema

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