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I first met Kim at a networking event for Calgary's best boss babes. We met up for a bourbon a couple weeks later, and thus began one of the most encouraging friendships with one of the most inspiring women I know. Since then, Kim has been such an encouraging voice in both my personal and professional life. Here is more of her story.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your work. Where are you from? What do you do?

kd and you

Hi! I’m Kimberley Dawn, a Success Coach and the Founder of KD and You Coaching Inc. I inspire badass boss babes to claim the clarity + confidence to build business they love. I am trained by The Coaches Training Institute, and started KD and You in January 2016.

I’m a mix-of-and-am-influenced-by many cultures: mainly Trinidad, England and Canada. I was born in London, UK but Canada captured my heart when I was 8 years old. I’m based out of Calgary, but my client-reach spans North America and the UK.

What inspires you to do what you do? How did you start doing this work?

kd and you

KD and You started after an annual performance review at my last corporate job. My lovelyboss at the time scared the living daylights out of me: “If you continue down this road, you will be forever stuck in Administration”. Errr.. no thanks!

I’ve always had the desire to help people, but my previous ventures in Psychology and Social Work didn’t jive for me. Completely disheartened and lost, I took to the Internet and I stumbled upon Co-Active Coaching. Less than a week later I enrolled at The Coaches Training Institute, incorporated KD and You Coaching Inc., and never looked back.

I have a deep love and respect for people and their stories, and my greatest desire is for my clients to leave a conversation inspired, ready to act, and ultimately feeling that they intrinsically matter.

I am inspired by the immeasurable kind moments of humanity told between total strangers. I LOVE to people watch and ideate the sublingual meaning. Most of my observations and personal experience manifest in the form of blogging, journaling and photography -- my favourite pastimes.

What inspires you most about your community?

I am constantly amazed by humanity and our huge capacity for love and forgiveness. The last few years have been hard on Alberta, but I’m uplifted to be part of, and watch the Canadian heart overcome tragedies. Calgary has a fighting spirit and I’m grateful and energized to be part of it.

If you could give anyone who is starting out in your field (business, non-profit, etc.) one piece of , what would it be?

kd and you

For my fellow coaching entrepreneurs, I want you to know that what you offer is valuable, unique and is very much needed. No one will connect with people the way you do, and I can’t think of a soul on this earth who doesn’t want more resonance and connection in their lives.

Tell me three fun facts about yourself or your organization.

kd and you

  • The first four letters of KD and You (KDAN) are my birth name initials. I intentionally named my business to include a living tribute to my dad, who taught me the meaning of unconditional and fierce love.
  • If I’m listening to music, you can rest assured it’s either soca, dancehall or a mix of 90s/00s throwbacks. Oh, and that I’m dancing along. I move a lot!
  • I can’t remember a time where I’ve said no to dessert.

Get in Touch

Website: kdandyou.com

Facebook: KD and You Coaching Inc.

Twitter: @kdandyou_yyc

Instagram: @kdandyou

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