12+ Ideas for Your Next Blog Post


In an age where content is everywhere, producing relevant content is all the more important. And as a writer, I get it - writer's block can be tough. Sometimes it takes more energy than it seems worth it to craft a good blog post. Been there, done that, have multiple t-shirts. So, whether you are blogger or business owner, I've rounded up some of my favorite blog post ideas to hopefully spark your creativity and unleash your inner writer. Here are 12+ ideas for your next blog post.

1. Write a FAQs post

If you recieve a lot of questions about a service, product, or even process, compile a list of questions and provide the answers your audience is looking for.

2. Create a how-to post

Everyone loves a good how-to post. This is a step-by-step guide on making a recipe, doing a fun DIY, or even how to build a brand style guide. These posts are packed with value, easy to process and a cinch to write.

3. Share news

Is there anything exciting going on in your industry? Is your favorite chef releasing a new cookbook? Are there new regulations in your industry that your audience will want to know? Create a simple post outlining the news and sharing your perspective on it.

4. Round up industry content

What's going on in your industry? Round up some great articles, photos and videos from industry resources to create a nice curated post. You could even do this as a themed post such as Tuesday Ten or Friday Five.

5. Feature an employee, business or non-profit

Share the company culture by featuring one of your employees. This can be a fun Q&A post. Celebrate local businesses and non-profits. If you've been around Bourbon & Honey for a while, you've likely seen my Feature Friday posts. This is an opportunity to celebrate the amazing people and businesses in Calgary. And these posts are a HUGE traffic referral source.

6. Host a Q&A

Know an influencer in your industry? Ask if they would like to do a Q&A. Send them a questionnaire or sit down for coffee with them. Share their story. Get their expertise. This type of post also adds that story element your audience is looking for.

7. Talk about a fun event

Headed to a concert or gala? Create a little teaser about it. Or wait until after the event to write a reivew.

8. Share lessons learned

I love these super honest posts. It doesn't matter whether you are an entrepreneur, blogger or non-profit, you will make mistakes, celebrate wins and learn tons of lessons along the way. Be bold and share these lessons so others can learn from them, too.

I wrote one of these posts when I turned 25.

9. Write a 101 post or definitive guide

Give your audience access to everything you know about something. This could be a definitive guide to Instagram marketing or a vegan cooking 101 post.

10. Round up your favorite things

When I was a lifestyle blogger, I used to do these all the time. I rounded up my favorite holiday recipes, my favorite stores, the best coffee shops. You can round up your favorite stories, links or even inspirational quotes. These scannable posts are also incredibly easy to write and understand.

11. Review something

Reviews are super valuable to your audience. You are essentially doing their homework for them and giving them all the information. This could be recipe, restaurant, book, podcast, or product. Talk about what you love, what you don't love. Talk about where people can buy the product or ingredients. If you can, shout out local companies.

12. Write a recap

I write a recap post every month. It serves as a bit of a journal for me and my audience gets to see what I've been up to. I also use this post as an opportunity to preview what's coming in the next month.

Because this is too good of an opportunity, here's my latest recap.

13. Write a case study

Case studies are awesome ways to showcase your knowledge and epxertise in your industry. You can write a case study on successfully building a business on Instagram (spoiler alert! Case study coming soon!) or proving a CRM is worth an investment.

Here's an awesome how-to post on writing case studies.

14. Tell a story

Go behind the scenes of your brand or business. Talk about why you started. Talk about the inspiration behind your brand.

Here's the story behind Bourbon & Honey.

15. Ask for guest posts

No time to write a blog? Go to your network. You will likely have someone in your network or industry who is knowledgeable on your topic. Reach out and ask for submissions. You'll add variety and authority to your website.

Tips to Brainstorm Ideas

  • Schedule in time to brainstorm. I told a client of mine that I will schedule in a content brainstorm session and he thought I was kidding. I wasn't! Just like you schedule a workout, meeting or self-care time, set aside an hour or two whenever you are the most creative to sit and watch what comes to mind.
  • Read. Some of the best blog posts are born not from writing, but from reading. When you stop thinking in your own voice and get inside another's writer's mind, your creative energy will explode.
  • Get outside. Breathe the fresh air. Breathe in the new content ideas. Between the fresh air, sun and nature, you'll be full of great blog post ideas in no time.
  • Move your body. Those endorphins will spark your creativity! Whenever I feel a writer's block coming or I'm just uninspired with ideas, I book the next spin class at my favorite studio or simply go outside for a quick walk.
  • Always carry a notebook and pen. Or use the notes app. You never know when an idea will strike you, so it's good practice to carry something to jot down your ideas as they come.
  • Look at the trends in your industry. What are people talking about? What are your competitors writing about? Can you put your add your perspective?

What are your favorite blog post ideas?