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YYC Girl Gang Presents: How To Develop an Audience-Centric Marketing Plan with Bourbon & Honey Co.

We live in the era of the “audience.” With the proliferation of social media and instant access to the internet, publishing for and creating content for an audience has become so easy.

Consumers also demand more transparency, relevancy and connection in their relationships with brands. Whether you’re building a photography studio, jewellery design company or social media consultancy, how you market your business must be built for – and with – your audiences.

It goes beyond merely thinking about them in our marketing, but involving them in their own marketing. This gives your audience a seat at the table in your business and builds an intimate relationship with.


  • Date: January 22, 2018
  • Time: 6:30-9:30 PM
  • Location: Last Best Brewing & Distillery (607 11 Avenue Southwest Calgary, AB T2R 0E1)
  • Cost: $35