The Best Healthy BBQ Recipes


Summer is heating up and it's the season for epic BBQs. From backyard gatherings to fancier garden parties, there's nothing better than spending time over some amazing food with friends and family. I've always loved BBQs. As soon as it was warm enough outside, my family would take fire up the BBQ, grill up the best steaks, and end the day with a backyard fire and marshmallows. And those backyard BBQ memories are forever. :) And I will never turn down a BBQ invite. Because BBQs mean lots of good food and great friends. And that's a combo you can't get enough of.

So I wanted to help you handle the food part. Here is a collection of my favorite, mostly healthy BBQ recipes (because balance, right?), from drinks to dessert. So here we go!



healthy bbq recipesBecause the name of this blog, I would be absolutely remiss to include a bourbon-based drink. I love a good Old Fashioned. The best one I have had so far was a signature drink from One 18 Empire during the Bourbon Battles a few back. However, not everyone digs a smooth, deep sip. Some people like a fruity cocktail with a sweet finish. Either way, this list of 21 Southern Bourbon Cocktails will have something for everyone attending your BBQ.

Got some littles at your party, or not really into cocktails? Well, I've got you covered. You can try this Watermelon Lemonade or this Italian Soda. Or if you want to add something extra refreshing, these infused water recipes from Baker's Beans are incredible!


healthy bbq recipes

Once you have been refreshed with a drink or two, it's time for the main event: the food! There are so many directions you could go, so here are options for everyone.

One of my favorite BBQ foods is steak. And everyone likes their steak done differently. So I'm not even going to link a recipe here! You do you.

Let's talk about burgers. My mom made the best burgers in the whole world. I can't reveal her secret, but I can tell you that there may have been a little Dutch spice and lot of love involved. What makes a burger truly unique is the combination of condiments - and the possibilities are endless! How does a Feta-Yogurt Sauce with Tomato and Mint burger sound? No? Here are nine other tasty options from Real Simple.

My other favorite BBQ recipe is chicken skewers with vegetable. Lean, mean and absolutely delicious. Here are some other skewer recipes form Buzzfeed you might love.

But let's give some other dishes some love. I'm talking about side dishes. What are your favorite side dishes??

I love potato salad, but only because the recipe comes from my wonderful Oma. Seriously, guys, this potato salad rocks. And I have permission to share the recipe. So stay tuned for that.

Another great side dish to add to your party is a simple and fresh Greek salad or this hydrating black bean, corn, tomato and avocado salad.

Whatever you choose to serve at your BBQ, try to achieve a balance of flavours and textures. If your main dishes are meaty and savory, keep your side dishes light and simple. If your main dishes are fairly simple, don't be afraid to explore bolder flavours in your sides.


Zucchini Cake 2

Alright, the part of the BBQ you REALLY want. Dessert is the perfect end to a great night. As mentioned above, I love a good roasted marshmallows. Slap that bay between two pieces of chocolate and graham crackers and you've got a perfect dessert.

No fire? No problem.

Try a healthy Chocolate Avocado Pudding or these Chocolate Avocado Popsicles. Or if you want something a little creamier, these Coconut Lime Tarts are heavenly and these Coconut Grasshopper Bars are delicious. And if you want a twist on something a little more traditional, try this Chocolate Mocha Cake or Lemon Zucchini Cake with Earl Grey Buttercream.

What are your favorite healthy BBQ recipes? Let me know in the comments, send me an email, or tweet me!

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