Pizza Party at PZA Parlour

The other day I had the opportunity to attend a media/family and friends launch of Calgary's newest pizza restaurant, PZA Parlour. And because foodie events are still quite new for me (Bourbon and Honey is almost four months now!), I was so excited. Annddd, it was a pizza party. Like, who isn't excited about that?

Pizza Party 1Pizza Party 2

As I walked in, I immediately saw someone I had met and interacted with on Twitter but not in real life. So I was like, "HEYYYY!!!". And we chatted all things communications and Twitter. Soon after I found some of my YYC Pizza Week and food blogging family. This event very quickly became less of a foodie event and more of a family reunion - social media family totally counts!

Pizza Party 3Pizza Party 4Pizza Party 5Pizza Party 6

After a few appetizers - retrospectively, these were a very bad idea - we sat down to our family style tasting menu. So, guys, listen, there were like eight items on the menu. And I'm going to talk about them all. So strap in. This is a long one.

Pizza Party 7

First up, a delicious plate of calamari. This was also my first time trying calamari, so that was an experience. An experience that I am likely to repeat. Fried. Not super chewy, not that I was expecting anything. With a perfect complement of marinara.

Pizza Party 8Pizza Party 9

Our second appetizer of the night was salsiccia, which is roasted pork, red pepper onion marmalade with a balsamic reduction and served with a crostini.

Pizza Party 10Pizza Party 11

Next were our salad courses. First, we enjoyed a caprino salad with tomato, goat cheese and black olives with arugula and balsamic dressing. Next, we were served a spinaci salad, which you can guess was expertly plated with spinach, honey candied bacon (I know y'all jealous now), gorgonzola cheese and toasted pine nuts.

Pizza Party 12Pizza Party 13Pizza Party 14

So, if you think we are full yet, we aren't even halfway done! Next we enjoyed a delicious gnocchi with a basil pesto sauce. Seriously, this gnocchi is worth the visit alone!

Pizza Party 15

Finally, we get to have our pizza party. On the docket, we've got three pizzas. Yup, three. First up was the Nonna Teresa, a fresh-tasting, light and airy dough topped with homemade bruschetta, mozzarella and parmesan. The second pizza we enjoyed was the Johnny G, named after none other than #13 himself, Johnny Gaudreau, complete with pepperoni, salami and sausage. The final pizza of the evening was the Gio. Naming pizza after famous hockey players must be a thing because this slightly too cheesy (wait, did I actually say that?) pear and gorgonzola slice was named after Calgary Flames' defense man Mark Giordano.

Disclaimer: my food photos go downhill from here. We lost the natural light AND the relatively good restaurant lighting. We made our own bounce boards though (because we are food bloggers...duh), so we made it work.

Pizza Party 16Pizza Party 17Pizza Party 18

And now, for the grand finale! A perfectly sweet and creamy tirasimu and a couple Nutella-smothered ciambelle, or donuts.

Pizza Party 20Pizza Party 21

PZA Parlour is having its grand opening this weekend! So you are in the mood for some good pizza and other Italian bites, you should probably get your pretty little rusty dusty into a seat at this wonderful little gem nestled in the heart of Southland.

You can find the menu on the website. Also if social media is your thing, be sure to give them some love:

Facebook: PZA Parlour

Twitter: @eatpzaparlour1

Instagram: pzaparlourcalgary

Pizza Party 22

Also, a huge shout out and thank you to Michelle for inviting me to your first restaurant event. It was so fantastic! There will be plenty more in your future.

Until next time,

XO _ britt