Good Bye, February. Hello, March.


I am both excited and terrified of the next few weeks. I am excited because I will finally be able to take my business full-time. I am terrified because I will take my business full-time. Never in my life have I felt such a diametric opposition. Anybody else ever feel like that?

Every month that passes by feels like a huge step forward, requiring large amounts of hard work, refinement and character development. February was no different. While new fears permeated my brain, there were moments of calm, confidence and confirmation.

Here's a quick recap of what happened on the blog this month, and what you can look forward to in March.


Good Bye, February.

This month was all about blogging. I shared my reasons why you should hire a professional writer, curated a list of 12 awesome ideas to keep your blog content fresh, and talked about why you even need a blog.

Thank you ALL for your support and feedback on the Instagram Pods post. This was the most viewed and most engaged post on Bourbon & Honey - EVER! Seriously, your support means so much. Thank you all for continuing to read this content every single week.

Not only was February an awesome month for content, but it was time to take a break. I talked about my recent trip to Montreal in the last blog post. You can read that here.

Hello, March.

I am really looking forward to the next month. My contract full-time job ends at the end of this month, and I will be working on my business full time. I have some great content planned for you all, including why self-care is good business, how to create a buyer persona, creating a productive workflow, decluttering your digital life and more. And I have some more awesome features lined up!

I am also working on a fun project. But it's a secret for now!

If I take away anything from this past month, it's this: your future is shaped by your words. Your words are shaped by your thoughts. And your thoughts are shaped by your mindset. Shifting your mindset is powerful. It can build your business or contract it. It's important to take a step away, refocus and shift your mindset into a position of abundance and confidence.

I hope you all have an amazing March!