Eat For Your Health: Heart Disease

Running was my activity of choice when I started my health journey. I remember my first run vividly. It took nearly 15 minutes to run one mile. My legs felt like noodles. And my heart was on fire! Over the years, not only have my muscles gotten stronger, but the clean diet and cardio workouts have strengthened my heart, too.

Like many people, I spent years taking my heart for granted. I was eating a diet full of sugar, salt and fat. However, other than a significant weight gain, I never experienced heart problems associated with this kind of diet. However, prolonged consumption of  a traditional “Western” diet can have serious consequences to heart health.

Luckily, there are simple ways to structure your diet to make your heart healthy and happy. Head over to Savour and Shine for tips on cutting the fat and salt, filling up on fibre and putting it all together.

The meal plan below contains foods that are heart healthy, easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. We will be posting the recipes on Twitter and Instagram. Just search “#eatforhealth”, follow along with us and eat your way to a healthy heart.

EFYH- MP Heart Disease

Download the PDF.


Stuffed Roasted Red Peppers 

Mediterranean Chickpea Fritters 

Tuna Salad

Mediterranean Pizza