My Favorite Things: My 6 Favorite Fall Essentials

Ahhh, fall. From the crisp air to fluffy blankets to the endless lattes, fall is one of my favorite seasons! Here are my 6 favorite fall essentials to make this your comfiest fall yet!

Refreshing Bath Salts

6 favorite fall essentials

Sometimes there’s nothing better than coming home and letting the stress and the chill in your bones melt away with a hot bath. I love using the entire line of bath products from Mint & Daisy to relax after a chilly day. Her products are 100% natural, free of synthetics and available on her website. (

Chunky Scarf

6 favorite fall essentials

Fall and scarves go together like peanut butter and jelly. I love the chunky knit scarves from Knitatude, a local knitter and entrepreneur. In addition to her scarves, she creates the most adorable toques and blankets. And if you are into knitting at all, she hosts a Knit Night every Thursday. (

Fun Socks

6 favorite fall essentials

When the mercury drops, don’t let your toes get a chill. Designed and made by a local entrepreneur, these fun, mismatched socks from Friday Sock Co. will keep your toes warm and cozy. These guys also offer a monthly subscription, which makes a great Christmas gift (if you’ve started shopping already!). And, they donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. (

Ceramic Mug

6 favorite fall essentials

Whether you prefer coffee, tea or even hot chocolate, a ceramic mug is a must have for fall. One of my favorite ceramic artists in Calgary creates these incredible dishes, including these gorgeous mugs. She focuses on simple and beautiful design, perfect for fall. All you need is some good tea from YYC Tea Wagon! (

Crystal Candles

6 favorite fall essentials

When the weather starts to get frightful, one of my favorite things to do is light a couple candles, grab my favorite book and read the afternoon away. I love the crystal candles from Salt Water Tea, a local jewelry designer and candle maker. These soy candles are hand poured, scented with essential oils and contain a lovely gemstone. She has five varieties and are available on her website. (

Throw Pillows

favorite fall essentials

Fall is all about comfort for me. Comfy boots, chunky scarves, warm lattes and soft pillows. I love piling up the pillows on the bed, snuggling under the covers and curling up with a good movie when things get a little blustery outside. I love local artisan, Elle Bee Tree, who makes these beautiful custom throw pillows. You can find her line of beautiful, hand-sewn products on Etsy. (

*The original article for this post was written for my wonderful friend, Amber, the fabulous entrepreneur behind Amber Approved. Amber releases a quarterly magazine, packed with content from her friends in the business, health and lifestyle. Read the fall edition of Amber Approved Magazine here.

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