Inspiring Blogs I'm Seriously Crushing On


You have a blog, but your last post was September 2016. Your editorial calendar is blank. And most of the time, you spend hours staring at a blinking cursor. The business of blogging is clear: every time you create a post, you create another indexed page on your website. The more indexed pages you have, the more opportunity you give someone to find you. (SEO 101 right there!) This means more potential revenue.

This, however, is not the only reason your business should be blogging. Here are a few other reasons:

  • Establish a presence (and eventually, authority) in your industry.
  • Inspire and support your audience - and current and potential customers.
  • Build trust and loyalty with your audience.
  • Share valuable and timely information with your customers.

I've spent many hours staring at my screen, void of inspiration and suffering some major writer's block. So when I need to write a blog post but lack the push to get er done, I look to other blogs for a little inspiration. (And I wait until 10 pm on Monday night to write the thing...) Here are a few blogs that inspire me, and I hope they help you create amazing content.

 Neil Patel

inspiring blogs

By far, Neil Patel is one of my favorite blogs. His content is specifically written to educate inbound marketers and content creators like me. His special sauce is teaching other entrepreneurs to create the content they deserve and need.

Read Neil Patel's blog.

Rising Tide Society

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Creatives, listen up. If you are NOT part of The Rising Tide Society, you need to be. Not only is this blog a source of support and inspiration for creative entrepreneurs, but there are good education pieces full of the business nutrition you need to fuel your creative growth.

Read The Rising Tide Society blog.

Female Entrepreneur Association

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This blog is designed to support and inspire female entrepreneurs. If you're looking for some inspiration from real boss babes building businesses, check out the "How She Did It" posts. Blog creator, Carrie, layers in some wonderful videos to round out the inspiring and educational blog experience.

Read Female Entrepreneur Association blog.

Minimalist Baker

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This is where I get 90% of my recipes for my meal plans. The creative duo behind this blog has created a beautiful resource, packed with delicious content and added a dash of education. If you want to make a beautiful vegan, gluten-free cake, they've got you covered. And if you have no idea how to make a flax egg to use in the cake, they can help. And everything is designed with a minimalist aesthetic.

Read Minimalist Baker blog.

Brit + Co

Whatever you want to know or learn in the creative space, just head over here. The website is well laid out, designed cleanly and very easy to use. They cover nearly everything from beauty to DIY and career to news, and they have created a great resource where you can learn fibre arts, photography, lettering and more.

Read Brit + Co blog.

What all of these blogs have in common is they are focused on a specific audience, created with a specific goal and are extremely user-friendly. I hope you found some value and inspiration in these blogs.

Now, go forth and blog!