How to Stay Inspired When the Tank is Empty


Do you guys ever have those days where everything feels messy and jumbled? You know those days when inspiration is nowhere to be found? It's funny: I see this pattern emerging in my life. Let's say I have a very valuable, inspired chat with someone. We are both pumped by the end of the conversation, and I end that day feeling great. Then, the next day, nothing. No inspiration.

This happened to me the other day. I spent a couple of hours talking to this great entrepreneur, and I left the conversation feeling so great. She inspired me, and I hope I inspired her. The next day I woke up to a feeling of absolute dread. I couldn't write. I couldn't tweet. I barely posted something on Instagram. And as a social media manager, writing and producing content consistently (i.e. every day) is important, but I couldn't! I had three blog posts to write and a bunch of client social media content to create. But, still nothing. I was getting frustrated with myself and tried to force it. My content ended up being awful, and I had to rewrite it.

But it got me thinking that I need to have an effective strategy for filling my inspiration tank. So I turned to my social media networks. I asked them what they did to get and stay inspired. And they delivered. So I took their tips, tricks and ideas and discovered some common trends to keep you inspired.

how to stay inspired

Do Something Healthy

Staying healthy is not only good for your body, but for your brain, too. This is usually my go-to strategy when I need inspiration. I always feel incredible after a long run or a sweaty spin class. It pumps me up and gets me out of my head to make room for some inspiration. Eating a healthy meal and drinking some water can boost your mood, too.

Learn Something New

Sometimes all you need to get inspired is to learn something new. Turn on a podcast. Open a book. This study published by Emory University showed that reading actually heightens brain connectivity. This can lead to new ideas and a new wave of inspiration.

Focus on What Makes You Happy

Doing what you naturally gravitate to can inspire you to a new idea or perspective. Whether it's exercising, listening to music, watching a movie, or indulging in some chocolate, doing what makes you happy can help you break the barriers to inspiration. Another easy and effective way to feel happier and more inspired is to simply express gratitude. Write down a few things you are thankful for, and watch your inspiration flourish.

how to stay inspired

Get Social

Not that kind of social. Even though we might feel (and perhaps are) connected with each other on social media, sometimes getting off social media and with the people around you. I'm talking about grabbing a coffee with a colleague or friend. Sometimes there's nothing better than laughing with a friend to inspire your next blog post or break through that writer's block. When you talk with other people, you learn their stories, gain perspective and feel happier.

Spread the Love

If you're feeling a little uninspired, sending a little word of encouragement someone's way might help boost that mood and get you inspired again. Even if your inspiration tank is full, spread some kindness and encouragement anyway. Small compliments can go a long way, and you might just inspire someone else.

What are your favorite ways to get inspired?

xo _ britt