Dear Twenty-Five


In a couple of days, I turn the big 2-5. A quarter century.The quarter-life crisis year. Since turning 24, I have experienced one of the most challenging, character-building years of my life. Well, so far. The lessons I've learned throughout this year have been the uncomfortable ones. The grounding ones. The ones that want to make you cry and throw your hands up and shout, "I'm DONE!" The ones that make you grateful. The ones that give you perspective. The ones that make you shift and change. The ones that build character.

In the spirit of turning 25 this year, I wanted to share this with you all. I sincerely hope that there is some value in this for you.

Dear Twenty-Five,

What a year. It's been a hard year. It's also been a good year. I should tell you to celebrate. Celebrate the small things. Like making it to spin class at least three times per week. Or not canceling on that friend. I also want you to take a moment and celebrate the big things. Like your best friend getting married. Or turning 25. Or, how about this one: starting a business! Seriously, girl. Take a night. Celebrate.

Dear Twenty-Five,

How can I help you make the most of the lessons you've learned? How can I help you remember that you have limits for a reason? How can I help you remember that you were never supposed to take this insecurity and anxiety beyond the cross? How can I help you remember that saying no to one thing means saying yes to something else, something better. How can I help you remember that your self-care is important, and resting is crucial?

Dear Twenty-Five,

I want you to think about those uncomfortable and disappointing times.

The time your best friend had to move home? Gut-wrenching.

The time you didn't get that job you really wanted? Devastating.

That time you registered your business? Scary.

Those times made you strong. Hold on to that strength.  Those things taught you humility. Never forget that. Those things taught you compassion. Cling to that.

Dear Twenty-Five,

Self-care is important. Eating right fuels that brain. Exercising keeps you strong. Taking care of your mind keeps you well. Don't compromise on taking care of your body or your mind. Take time to rest. Seriously. I'm repeating it here because it's important.

Dear Twenty-Five,

Remember the people. Your girl gang. Your network. Your community. Your church. They encouraged you, spurred you on, held you accountable. So, here's what I want to remember: when it comes down to work or people, choose people. Celebrate them. Encourage them.

Dear Twenty-Five,

You are exactly where you are meant to be. You are doing what you are meant to do. Your passions, dreams and opportunities are aligning. (Please don't squander any of these.) Every uncomfortable moment, every bad decision, every accomplishment brought you here. Every mountain you climbed and every valley you trudged through was one step closer to becoming the person you were meant to be. Embrace those mountains and valleys. Enjoy the success, embrace the failure.

Dear Twenty-Five,

I want to think about the person you were one year ago. Do you recognize her? Probably not. And that's a good thing.

This girl, today, knows how to slow down (well, at least we're trying).

She sees what is important.

She is unwavering in her focus, undaunted in her task.

She is not afraid to say "I don't know."

She knows who she is, and more importantly, Who's she is.

As you venture into your 25th year on the planet, remember this one thing: YOU ARE ENOUGH. That's it.

xo _ britt