Behind the Name: The Origin of Bourbon & Honey

The number one question I get about my blog is "how did you come up with your name?" And I wish the story was more glamorous than it actually is, but it's my story. Here is the origin of Bourbon & Honey.

The Origin

Bourbon & Honey

Bourbon & Honey started in a Facebook message. It began as a flippant discussion between a good friend and me. We were talking about potential blog collaborations, bourbon and marshmallows. I said to her, "Bourbon and Marshmallows would make a great lifestyle blog!" Hmm...maybe not. But I knew there was something there.

I had been managing my food blog, Miss Epicure, for a couple years, but I was growing tired of creating the same content. There were so many more topics to talk about: food, fashion, fitness, community. So this conversation was exceptionally timely.

And I was in love with "bourbon". It was so deep and mysterious and lifestyle based. And I will take a bourbon over a white wine any day. So it was perfect.

But I wasn't in love with "marshmallows". In fact, I don't like marshmallows at all. Unless they are well-mixed in hot chocolate or Rice Krispie square or squished between two graham crackers with copious amounts of dark chocolate.

Then the word "honey" popped into my head. EUREKA! That was it. Bourbon and Honey. Bourbon & Honey. Bourbon + Honey. bourbon + honey. The actual brand took some time  to figure out, but I was smitten with "Bourbon & Honey." It was the perfect name for a lifestyle blog.

I snatched up the domain, created a super simple Wordpress site and launched in January 2016.

The Evolution

Bourbon & Honey

And the more I thought about the name, the more in love I was. Bourbon & Honey is representative. It is an extension of my own personality.

I find inherent simplicity in both bourbon and honey. Each is pure, simple and beautiful. And together they create something special.

Bourbon represents a deep, intellectual, and mysterious quality. Honey represents a fun, energetic and sweet quality. Together, they represent a grounded simple lifestyle dotted with sweet notes of beauty.

Bourbon & Honey is about life. It is about women. Equal parts deep and sweet. Mysterious and spontaneous. Young, professional, vivacious, smart. Seeking to define ourselves by our rules. Independent, yet collaborative. Unique, yet united. Focused on remaining grounded and encouraging and building community.

The Future

adorn boutique

This has become Bourbon & Honey creed. The grounding principles. The essence. And as the blog evolves into a small business, this will be my focus. Building communities. Sharing stories. Connecting. Collaborating. Empowering.

If you think we could make magic together, either as a collaboration or business venture, I would love to hear from you!

xo _ britt