5 Podcasts for a Happy, Healthy and Productive Year


I am a recent podcast convert.


Because podcasts are golden content opportunities. Think about it: your audience can download an episode and listen to it whenever and wherever! You can listen to the latest episode in your favorite serial podcast while getting in your workout. Or you can listen to the latest industry podcast on your morning commute. Entertaining AND efficient. 

I wanted to share a few of my favorite podcasts. I listen to these frequently and I have learned many lessons and tips from the brilliant minds behind them. From health and wellness to business and entertainment, here are five podcasts for a happy, healthy and productive year.

The No Sugarcoating Podcast

Creator: Amber Romaniuk

Listen if: You're a bit exhausted from the diet industry's story and want some real advice on what your body needs.

Why I love it: Amber tells it like it is. She will tell you exactly what you need to hear when it comes to living your healthiest life. Whether you feel plateaued in your weight loss, struggle with emotional eating or lack a solid self-care routine, download this podcast. Amber will inspire you with her story, educate you with her expertise and empower you with strategies to face what's standing in the way of achieving your optimal health.

Listen: The No Sugarcoating Podcast 

Business Boutique

Creator: Christy Wright

Listen if: You're a business babe looking to take your business acumen to level 100!

Why I love it: Christy knows business. And she knows how to help women make money doing what they love. Her advice is real and honest, but empathetic. This podcast is not for the hobbyist. It's for the woman who truly wants to create a business that makes money by doing what she loves.

Listen: Business Boutique

Radio Headspace

Creator: Rich Pierson and Andy Puddicombe

Listen if: You're ready to live a life free of stress and full of mindfulness.

Why I love it: It is the perfect complement to the Headspace app. They answer any questions related to life and happiness, share mediation tips and tell inspiring stories from around the world. It's refreshing, deep and perfect for those days when you want just a little bit more.

Listen: Headspace

The Write Podcast

Creator: Julia McCoy

Listen if: You're a writer looking for inspiration and tips to create killer copy.

Why I love it: If it's not clear by now, I am in awe of this lady! She covers life, business and content marketing. Like many content marketers, Julia is a storyteller. She does this effortlessly through her interviews with industry experts, everyday entrepreneurs and writing heros.

Listen: The Write Podcast


Creator: Megan Tan

Listen if: You are in your 20s wondering WTF you're doing with your life.

Why I love it: This girl gets me. Seriously. She understands and accurately and hilariously describes the first five years of my 20s. She honestly navigates what it's like for a Millennial to enter this workforce, find comfort in the uncomfortable and gain some peace and confidence with the "What am I doing with my life?" thoughts.

Listen: Millenial

What are your favorite podcasts?