10 Workout Gear Must Haves


Can y'all believe it's summer already?? There seems to be a changing-of-the-guard when the summer comes round in Calgary. Images of cold brews flood my Instagram feed. My Facebook in inundated with invites to every single summer festival. And my fridge always seems amply stocked with margarita mix.

And while there's nothing I like more than sipping a cold drink on a hot patio (P.S. If you are in Calgary and looking for a good patio, check out Avenue Magazine's Patio Guide.), I enjoy getting my sweat on either outside or at one of my favorite fitness studios around the city.

And it's always nice to refresh the workout wardrobe very once in a while. So with that in mind, I present 10 items you might want to rotate into your workout inventory. Beware, there's lot of Lululemon coming up.

Huge thank you to my friend Brit for not only agreeing to participate in this photo shoot, but supplied the workout gear, too!

Breathable Top

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Nothing is more uncomfortable than a top that doesn't breathe while you're working out. This top from Lululemon is made from Lulu's patent silverescent fabric, which means it keeps the stink and bacteria away! A top like this one lets your body breathe while you get your sweat on.

Fun Bottoms

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I'll never be one of those girls who wears crazy pants to the gym. Basic black is good enough for me. But, it's summer. So, it's time to add some color, pattern and fun to your workout clothes. These pants from Lululemon are made from a four-way stretch material. It is super breathable, its flat seams don't chafe. (Cause this is a problem!)

Quality Shoes

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If you're a runner like me, you know that quality shoes are an investment, but they are worth it. Depending on your fitness goals, you might require different shoes. As a runner, I invest in comfortable runners that will last a few miles before I have to replace them. I own quite a few pairs of Nike Free Runs, and I love them. Find a shoe that is not only comfortable, but of enough quality to work it for an hour.

If you need a little guidance when picking a good shoe, check out this guide from REI Co-op.

Cool Water Bottle

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Staying hydrated during a sweat sesh is incredibly important! Water keeps your body temperature at an optimal level, lubricates your joints for proper movement and transports nutrients around the body. And it doesn't hurt to invest in a good quality and fun water bottle. I love this granite-looking bottle from S'well. Stylish, portable and gets the job done.

Handy Gym Bag

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Cause you're gonna need something to carry all your fun gear with you! Grab a bag that is useful and fun and you won't be able to wait to take that baby to the nearest park or gym. I have your basic Nike bag, but if I were to buy another in the near future, I'd buy a big, compartmentalized, bright pink one!

Sturdy Yoga Mat


Sometimes you workout in a gym. But sometimes your workout on a beach. (Yes, some people do that.) If you are an outdoors type of worker-outer, you probably put your yoga/exercise mat through a lot. Investing a quality, sturdy mat will save you the time, effort and money replacing your mat every few months.


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If you love to listen to music while you work out, earphones are a must. The kind of earphones you buy will depend on your budget and preference. These Beats by Dre come with a handy attachment made for running. So I might need to invest in a pair. I also love Spotify to keep my workout music fresh and unique.

Wearable Technology

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Practice makes progress. Tracking your progress is an effective way to ensure you are working toward your fitness goals. From FitBit to Garmin, there are a plethora of wearable fitness trackers on the market. It is important to find one that suits your individual needs.

Need help deciding? This blog post from Wearable might help.

Fun Hat

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If you are working out outside, a hat is a must. It protects your face from the sun, keeps sweat out of your eyes (because sunscreen and sweat in the eyes - ouch!!) and makes you look LEGIT when you are out for a run.

Keep it fresh and wash it often.

Stylish Accessories

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Because working out should be fun! Seriously though. Adding in even just one super fun accessory like these glitter hair ties can take your workout from drab to fab. Whatever your style, find something to dress up your workout and sweat with a smile!

What are your favorite pieces of workout gear?

XO _ britt