"Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go." - Seth GOdin


A shift is happening in marketing. We can no longer speak about marketing as it relates to our products or services. We now speak about marketing as it relates to our audience.

Buying decisions are made emotionally. They are made through stories, experiences and connection.

And today’s consumer demands more. More personalization. More transparency. More relevancy. They want to be heard, known and cared about.

At Bourbon & Honey, we take an customer-centric approach to marketing. We focus on your customer. We use every tool in our arsenal to find them, understand them and start building a relationship with them. (Not sure what customer-centricity is? Read this blog post to learn more.)

We are connectors. We are rooted in insights and data, guided by focused strategy and fueled by strong creativity (and too many cups of coffee).

Here’s how we can help...

We start with insights and strategy...

Every successful modern marketing strategy starts by learning. We learn who our audience is, what they need and where they want to get it. We learn our value differentiation factor (why someone who choose you over a competitor). We learn the breadth and depth of our expertise.

And then we put it all together in an actionable strategy that is easy to execute, analyze and optimize as you go along.

In our insights and strategy program, we can help you develop

  • Research Surveys

  • Value Differentiation Factor

  • Brand Positioning (We have partners who can help with the visual stuff.)

  • Audience Profiles

  • Audience Patterns and Trends

  • Marketing Tactic Plans

  • Marketing, Communications, Digital Media and/or Social Media Strategies


Then we create magic...

Customers buy magic. They buy stories. It’s why certain people will drink Coke over Pepsi or only fly WestJet. Once we know what kind of magic they want to buy, we get to work creating it. Our expert team of writers and designers will develop all your content assets to connect your business and your customers with as much magic packed in as we can muster.

In our content development program, we can help you develop

  • Branding Style Guides

  • Social Media Content - posts and visual assets

  • Website Content - sales pages, landing pages, product descriptions, on site content

  • Blog Posts

  • Collateral - brochures, annual reports, fact sheets, backgrounders, postcards, bookmarks

  • Key Messages

  • Press Releases

  • Lead Generation Assets - eBooks, white papers, sales reports, industry reports, templates

Are you ready to create magical experiences that will leave your customer wanting more?

Connect with your audience. Create a magical experience. Earn trust and loyalty. Grow your business.