Feature Friday: Wheel Estate

Wheel Estate is a peer-to-peer RV rental business that encourages trailer owners to list their RVs and travel trailers on their website, and campers can rent a trailer for the duration of their vacation. It's like the AirBnB for camping.

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How To Create An Awesome Personalized Customer Experience

Customers find us in many different ways. Some find us offline and in-person at a trade show or a market, or even as a product in the local store. Some find us online by typing a search term into Google. Some find us on social media. And still, some find us by referral.Each road to our business is different, and the experience on a particular road is going to be different than the other roads. Because we are competing on the basis of customer experience, it is important that we personalize the journey on each road to ensure that our customer reaches their destination and has a pleasant journey along the way.

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What is Customer-Centricity?

In Salesforces' 2017 State of Marketing Report, research suggests that companies today are no longer competing on the basis of pricing, features or benefits, but on the basis of customer experience. And with the perpetual compression of NewsFeeds, continued integration of data and explosion of content, this experience will only become more important.

Customer-centricity hinges on this principle: the more you know about your audience, the better, more magical experience you will create for them.

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Brittany Brander

World of Choices is an annual event facilitated by Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta designed to empower, mentor and guide young women as they start to explore career opportunities. The event connects over 300 young women in grades 10-12 with nearly 50 local female career mentors for a morning of mentorship and inspiration.

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