Our Mission

TO Create legacy brands.
We lead + empower businesses to impact and significance.

We are the connectors. We are the builders. We are the leaders. Rooted in who we are + fuelled by our values, we empower you to create a business brand that has a lasting impact. We help you create a strong identity, develop a sustainable vision + strategy and use the right tools to get your business where it needs to go: to impact the world.


What is a legacy brand?

You create impact in your sphere of influence that break the barriers of transaction and deeply touch the hearts and lives of people. You are built on stories and strive for significance. You create massive movements of change. You challenge the status quo. You elevate and develop others by elevating and developing yourself. You think long term and relish the short-term discomfort. You know who you are, where you are going, and how you will get there.


Our Values








Our Leadership


Brittany Brander - FOunding Director

Armed with blissful ignorance and strong determination, Brittany founded Bourbon & Honey in 2016 while sipping an Americano in a local coffee shop, and has since nurtured its growth into character, values-based communications agency focused on creating brands that have legacy and significance.

Brittany is also the founder of Branded By Grace, a leadership development organization, dedicated to releasing women into their purpose, passion and potential.

When she is not working, you can find her at a coffee shop writing jokes for her Netflix comedy special, volunteering with her church or scouring the library for her next read.