Six Tips For Soft Summer Hair

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It is officially summer!

Patios, sandals and iced coffees call my name. Shorts and flowy tops are my uniform (and boho dream). Long days turn me into a night owl.

I’m generally low key when it comes to my style, so when summer comes around, my lack of effort blends seamlessly in to the trends of the season. I mean, just give me a pair of cute sandals, a patio and a drink and I’ll be good to go.

But even effortless takes even just a little bit of work. So I reached out to my girl at dk.envy, a local hair salon, and got her best tips to take care of that summer hair and help give you that soft, luxurious and effortless look.

Purple Shampoo

summer hair

Image Credit: Lush USA

Blond and grey hair can get brassy sometimes. Purple shampoo helps keep your hair looking salon fresh by removing the brassiness. Purple shampoo your hair once a week if you feel you hair is getting brassy or yellow from the sun.

Mythic Oil

summer hair

Image credit: L’Oreal

Mythic oil is a product made by L’Oreal, designed to leave your hair smooth and shiny. Its unique mix of avocado and grape seed oil gives your hair the perfect softness after a day in the summer sun. Use mythic oil after a day at the beach to detangle, nourish, reduce frizz.

Beach Spray

summer hair

Image credit: Sephora

I love a good beachy hairstyle. If I wasn’t living in Calgary, I would either be living on the West Coast (I’m looking at you, Seattle!) or Southern France. Where beachy hair is appropriate all the time. But for someone like me who has stick thin hair that refuses to hold any curl, I love beach spray! It adds texture and volume for that effortless beachy look.


summer hair

Image credit: Overstock

Your skin isn’t the only thing than can suffer sun damage. Your hair can easily fall prey to the effects of the sun’s UV rays. Use a masque once a week to deep condition hair and repair health to avoid any sun damage.

SPF Spray

Image credit: Sephora

Did you know that there are hair products that contain SPF? Yeah, I didn’t. Make sure you grab a spray that has SPF protection to shield your luxurious locks from the sun.

Wet Brush

summer hair

Image credit: Wet Brush

Use a wet brush and detangle spray if your hair is tangled after a fun day at the beach. This gently removes the tangles so your hair doesn’t break in the process.

Thank you to Carolyn at dk.envy for not only providing these excellent tips, but also preventing many people (me included) from bad hair days. Seriously guys, this girl is GOOD! If you are in the market for a stylist, I highly recommend Carolyn. (Just make sure to say I recommended you :))

XO _ britt




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    Becky @ The Bex Factor
    June 20, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    I just got some Bumble & Bumble beach spray, not the foam stuff pictured but the other one. I love it for a super quick and easy style. Since recently cutting my hair into a lob, I’m having way more fun styling it. I also love the Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil primer for protecting my hair not just from heat styling but UV too. Can you tell what my favourite hair products are???

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