Feature Friday: Urban Exposure Project

Feature Friday

Last week, I had the privilegeย to attend a showcase event from GenNext Calgary’s Urban Exposure Project. This project is a 14-week program where participants learn practical photography skills and explore social issues like poverty, community and vulnerable kids. The…

breaking free foundation

Feature Friday: Breaking Free Foundation

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Today’s feature is really special and close to my heart. Amber is the co-founder of Breaking Free Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping survivors of trauma find healing through community. Read on to read more about what this organization…

telling your brand story

An Introduction to Telling Your Brand Story


Think about the brands you remember the most. What makes them memorable? Probably not the overt and direct advertising. It’s probably something a little more subtle, informative and emotional. You remember these brands because they connected with you, they…

social media strategy

A Recipe For Social Media Strategy


As a solopreneur, creative entrepreneur or small business owner, finding the time to cook up a winning social media strategy that not only makes you proud but leaves a good taste in your audience’s mouth can be challenging. The…