Welcome to Bourbon & Honey!

In case we haven’t met either on or offline, let me introduce myself.

My name is Brittany, and I am the founder and chief blogger at Bourbon & Honey. I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, just an hour’s drive from the Rocky Mountains. Captivated by the everyday, yet extraordinary stories, I started this lifestyle blog to weave together those stories and inspire those around me.

These stories are shared through food, fitness, fashion, fun, business and wellness. Beyond this, I love sharing what’s going on in my city. This city leaves me incredibly inspired and wholly optimistic. And we could always use a bit more positivity in our lives.

As a lifestyle blog, I like to remain true to that: it is a blog about life. What we eat. How we move. What moves us. The people around us. And life is messy. So the content you’ll find here is not perfect. You might find a misplaced modifier or a slightly out-of-focus image. But that’s okay. It’s all a journey.

So thank you for sharing this journey to carving out a simple and beautiful life wherever you are. If there are topics you want to see, please send me an email or even a tweet.

A few other things you might want to know about me:

  1. I love Jesus.
  2. I am a marketer by day. I love digital marketing, social media and community management. (P.S. I have my own content shop, where I help other businesses tell their unique stories. Visit my Work With Me page to learn more.)
  3. I don’t look like it, but I’m a major sports fan. (Go Patriots and Flames!)
  4. I’m a bourbon novice.
  5. Buy me chocolate cake, and we will be best friends.
  6. I love coffee. Like peanut butter loves jelly.
  7. (I also really love peanut butter).

So thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful my friends!

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